Can't get you out of Mind

Using ShutApp you can mute your notification sounds that you receive on your mobile. You can continue receiving alerts / beeps messages on Facebook, email, WhatsApp messenger and many more apps and yet it will not disturb you. Ensure that driving or meetings with those important clients will be undisturbed. Out of sight but certainly not out of mind!

ShutApp Missed Log Screen

You are The Priority

Choose the apps that are important and you would like to continue receiving messages from even when you are busy. ShutApp lets you choose the apps. And, when you are through with your work you can unselect the apps and keep the ShutApp on for the less important apps.

ShutApp App Setting Screen

Lovers of Safe Driving

Life is full of risks and risks are more when you are driving on the road. Minimize the risks that you take while driving by using ShutApp. ShutApp lets you set speed per hour. When you exceed that limit your phone automatically goes into silent mode. This ensures that you are safe while driving. Driving at high speeds definitely needs a 'ShutApp'

ShutApp Profile Setting Screen

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